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Capturing Data First Principles > 6 box Innovation process

>Non Linear Systems Thinking Exercises includes Visualization

Innovation Gateway to better alternatives and perspectives

DNA Twin Simulations
adding structures previously unseen

Creativity in space time >Superposition and backcasting

Quantum Leaps in Real time Business >Science and Innovation

"In the world of Scenario Planning, the question isn't whether intuition is better than logic, but how their union forms an unbeatable strategy. Scenario Planning - The Innovators Journey... turning ideas into reality, skills# - enabling capacity for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Success implicitly and explicitly by providing behavioral insights that help to see a clear strategic path that brings everyone on board." Dr Allan Samuel, Chief Scientific Officer, Shell Global Solutions.

“I thought I didn’t have a creative bone in my body until I took the Innovation course.” Ann Williams, Entrepreneur, Business Coach Leader and Advisor.
“This is the best training I have had in 25 years” Tony Goodwin, MD, One4Allhire, Business Owner
“John’s ‘Creativity for Competitive Advantage’ course was mandatory for All of our students on our main MBA programme” Professor Jonathan Michie, Former Director, the University of Birmingham Business School. Economist and Professor of of Innovation at University of Oxford.
“The only people we wouldn’t recommend John Rainford to are our competitors.” David Jarvis, MD, Procase, Business International
“Thanks for the exciting workshops on creativity and innovation, very powerful!!!” Nicola Heron, Sheffield Executive, Induction for MBA programme
“John’s course is life-changing! Hamdi Derwaki, Birmingham Business School, MBA student.
“I highly recommend John’s course, if you want to get a competitive edge in business.” Hirofumi Kimishima, Birmingham Business School.
“The answer is there to all our problems, we just need to look at them with different lenses. For me this course is the future of learning, the next Big thing in leadership” Afzal Shah, Director, Upriser Talent

"The Innovation Matrix process helps enormously with our Ambitious Business Challenges, that incorporates new patents, new business models and the subsequent marketing and launch of a start-up company, Shell Global Solutions. This process is genius & provokes new solutions, finding hidden, previously unseen and powerful insights." Dr Allan Samuel, Shell Global Solutions.

SYSTEMS THINKING - is a discipline in its own right and follows on from 1st principles, although these courses are offered by a few Universities they are limiting in the depth that can be accrued. Most are providing a basic understanding that helps with only mapping out the problems. Systems Thinking, however, can lead to the Gateway of Systemic Innovation and 'higher achieving cognition' Awakened Leadership and problem solving skills that combine leaps in Business and Scientific Innovation. Who uses ~Systems Thinking? NASA, Google, Amazon and Elon `musk, isn't time the rest of us caught up?

Todays problems come from yesterdays solutions. The harder you push, the harder the system pushes back and the easiest solution is often a mistake, masking the true cause. A systems thinking approach is crucial if we want to understand the complex world that we live in. With the right tools and support - we can at any age develop enhanced Leadership traits (EQ) increasing awareness in depth and insights.

John says "We have worked with Leaders in Science, Business, Marketing, Education, the Health Sector and policy makers in Singapore, Finland, the US, India, the Middle East, Latin America and Malaysia.

Rainford attended some of the best Marketing and Innovation Business Schools in the world. He has been personally tutored by Philip Kotler, Emeritus Professor of Marketing (Northwestern). John has been developing the Innovation Matrix for over 20 years initially to solve complex problems. It was used universally by Shell Global Solutions who could see the power of the Matrix solving difficult global scientific issues that span over 50 years. We need to stop thinking of short term fixes that add only temporary causal loops.

The Matrix (systemic innovation) has been used for teaching on MBA and scientific programmes at UK and Global Universities. It discovers deeply hidden dynamics previoulsy unseen.

Recently Microsoft has offered to partner with us and to fund the next stages of development. It is planned that a pilot in Arabic will be launched with John as the Chief Architect. We will be working with experts in AI and Teachers who specialize in teacher mentoring, supporting parents and children. It will include sustainability games. videos, VR and AR along with Meta platforms that help to support advanced learning with young leaders and geniuses (all youngsters are potential geniuses).

We were privileged to work alongside Peter Senge (The Fifth Discipline) at Shell (Houston and Amsterdam) on Scenario Planning that incorporated an effective cultural change - though our role (as Innovation Consultants) was with the technology and business leader teams >developing new patents and business ideas incorporating 50 year business plans and back-casting - that included cultural shifts to help to prepare leaders with future 'systems thinking' and adaptable working practices. We helped to develop their vision, (through an Awakened Leadership and new thinking approach) this helped to instigate, market and launch a Start-up Research company for Shell called Shell Global solutions. It is now estimated to be worth $10 billion.

We worked with scientists at Motorola (HQ) in Chicago to help with (cell phones) marketing culture, innovation and commercialization. Their technical and marketing challenges to consumers - a fun but challenging experience, where creative thinking, a new mindset, first principals and business forward planning was important. This was after the Iridium debacle. They were more receptive to new ways of working. It led to new products, more patents and new business models, more importantly we contributed to a compassionate and progressive Foresight Leadership culture. The phone section was shortly afterwards sold to Google at a substantial profit.

"Systems Thinking is the gateway to innovation in marketing, better science, better business and smarter communities. These processes help to unblock clear thinking for scientists and business owners, these new ways of thinking and solving problems belong to the young minds of today and tomorrow." John Rainford.

Our work with PhDs Quantum Physicists with First principles - holds a fascination for Science, the curious student and the truly enlightened Educator through Complex Adaptive Systems.

"John ran our Entrepreneurship and Innovation MBA course. His Creativity for Competitive Advantage programme that utilized the Innovation Matrix was mandatory for All of our MBA students." Jonathan Michie, Director, University of Birmingham, currently, Professor of Innovation and Knowledge Exchange at the University of Oxford.

"We made significant scientific breakthroughs using Artificial Intelligence and Creativity that manifested from the holistic Innovation Matrix." Chris Thorpe, Chief Scientist. Elinchrom.

The Innovation Matrix can be a powerful tool for innovation and humanity, providing a unique perspective on complex problems. The use of 'systems thinking' is a powerful tool for interconnecting different fields of knowledge and creating more holistic and sustainable solutions. As Philip Kotler said (my teacher) "If you do not enter the market with a unique competitive advantage, do not enter the market!"

"Systems Thinking is the gateway that results in leaps in Innovation, combining AI and Creativity, its a whole new way of thinking that is exciting the scientific and business community alike, governments are now wising up." John Rainford.

“The only people we wouldn’t recommend ‘Innovation Matrix” to are our competitors without their input we wouldn’t have achieved our targets, let alone surpass them.” David Jarvis, CEO. Procase International. Technology Start-Up that became market leader within 12 months using our process. Contact [email protected] or contact  [email protected] 

Stephen Richardson, President of the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE), recommended that systems thinking skills should be mandatory in engineering education for effective risk management.

Gell Mann founder of the term quark – recommends ‘systems thinking’ as a way of ‘future thinking’ for problem solving.

Professor Kai Bongs, Quantum Physicist from the University of Birmingham says “Quantum Technology has the potential to transform the world’s future in ways we can barely imagine.”

Forbes (August 2013) says ‘systems thinking’ should be taught in education as a ‘matter of urgency’ to boost the prospect of smarter graduates that can contribute to the well being of the community,  economy and scientific invention. – 

"Systems Thinking is the gateway to innovation and better science, better business and better communities. These processes helps to unblock clear thinking through whole brain activation, setting a fantastic future goal and backcasting." John Rainford.

At the intersection of creativity, the Darwin Matrix concepts we introduce have an direct causal impact on exciting new registered patents and business model innovations for business and technology. Ask to find out how…

We work with Government, Business and Societal Development Goals to acclimatize people and innovators to co-evolve future sustainability. the Matrix includes insights for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

We learn from nature – Multi-layered Biomimicry – Utilising the Best Designs in Art and Nature for the Real World. We use many tools that impact the way we think and learn –    

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Publications that introduce our concept courses...

John works with progressive organizations like as Chief Innovation Officer and as their Chief Imagination Officer to help increase their world impact and global reach to governments and corporations.

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"We are called to be the architects of the future, not its victims."
- Buckminster Fuller

John Rainford, Founder of

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  • John’s vision is to change the way we think and learn, not held back by outdated systems that belong to the last century (such as Linear and reductionist Thinking).

John advised Nick Hayek to create fashionable’ watches for his new start-up ‘Swatch’ company (now worth 7 billion CHF (Swiss francs) – with over 30,000 jobs created). Hayek rescued the Swiss Watch Industry. Hayek welcomed John’s input  credos was that “the rarest resources are Entrepreneurs in top management” – he welcomed Johns input. John teaches that these ‘creative insights and future skills’ are transferable to all ages and across all borders. He coached one young Start -up contender to be the winning finalist in the Ernst & Young Global Entrepreneur of the Year. He judged the best top 10 presentations from the worlds largest young Tycoons, and Entrepreneurs competition (over 80 countries involved).

John Rainford is a distinguished speaker and trailblazer in the realms of Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Physics, Systems Leadership, and Business Intelligence. A Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, he enriches minds through MBA programs on Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Birmingham. John’s mentorship prowess shines through, having guided the Winner of Ernst and Young Global Entrepreneur of the Year.

As Chief Imagination Officer at, he has evaluated groundbreaking innovations from over 20,000 schools across 90 countries. His mission at the Human Health Education and Research Foundation ( as Chief Innovation Officer is to uplift underprivileged children, advancing entrepreneurship, health, and education to empower communities and combat poverty and hunger.

John’s passion for driving change has left an indelible mark on global giants like Shell, ABB, and Rolls Royce. He is the visionary CEO of and, promoting systemic innovation across science, business, health, and education with a compassionate touch to create a better world.

Through confidence courses with the Young Foundation, Mind, and the Samaritans, John empowers young people and women entrepreneurs, building their self-esteem and entrepreneurial spirit. His expertise in collective intelligence fosters effective teamwork and innovative solutions, shared globally at prestigious universities and institutions, including in Singapore, Finland, Ireland, China, the United States, and Canada. He has also represented the UK government on Innovation at the esteemed COMDEX conference in Las Vegas.

John Rainford is a sought-after keynote speaker on Creative Entrepreneurship, captivating audiences across Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Europe. He firmly believes in the transformative power of artificial intelligence and creative collaboration to propel enterprises into uncharted territories. Creator of the Innovation Matrix, John continues to inspire leaders to embrace creativity and systems thinking, pioneering a future of limitless possibilities.

I do not pretend to understand the moral Universe, the arc is along one, but from what I see I am sure it bends towards justice.